recycle, reuse, repurpose, repair and restore

Creative Recycling exhibits at Glastonbury Festival 2022

We are very happy to be able to come from North Wales over the years and be part of Green Futures Field. You saw it first at Glastonbury Festival The TURT. Creative Recycling works with waste, preloved, redundant materials. In previous years we have recreated trampolines and other material objects into new innovative items, saving stuff from Landfill and encouraging other to see what they can do with their redundant, preloved, waste materials/stuff. This year we have utilised 15 trampolines, given to us or collected via Freecycle or Free from Facebook Market place. Over the years we believe we have repurposed around 50 trampolines. (a drop in the ocean)
A further relevant message
We would like others to be inspired to make something from their preloved, redundant trampolines but we also want to highlight the following points:
- Think before you buy, what will happen to your trampoline when your family no longer use it?
- Has the manufacturer put in place measures to reduce their carbon footprint?
- Pay a bit more to ensure that you are supporting an ethical producer or buy secondhand.
Manufacturers should have product life responsibility:
- Will they accept your trampoline back when you have finished with it?
- Should the manufacturer be hiring out trampolines and maintaining them?
- At present trampolines are not standardised, so not easy to repair.
A quick search on Ebay UK for trampoline gives 7,400 results, some of these are shops and sell multiple trampolines. We have noticed that over the years there are more replacement parts for sale and they are cheaper than they used to be. So that is a positive.
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Not a Yurt but similar in shape and made from trampolines, rather than wood, using a waste material
No welding, just bolts.
Two like sized trampolines slotted on top of each other to create a cylindrical frame. Utilising the enclosure poles to help create roof bars. Using other bolts and bits from the trampoline to hold other parts in place. Utilising the bounce mat as part of the roof cover and floor covering.
Other waste materials used: boat sails, section of large plastic pipe, plastic strips from polytunnel cover, waste wood for doors, reclaimed porthole for window. Pegs made from tree branches, harvested from own woodland.
New materials – bolts and straps to hold the frame and covers in position.

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A Turt within what we formally named a Campoline. An improvement on the Campoline, bolted not welded and stronger, all structures stayed up in very strong winds in North Wales. A Turt with a big porch. The Turt as described but with reclaimed canvas and other redundant waste materials for side walls and roof. Equivalent of 3 trampolines and further enclosure poles. Wardrobe door for entrance to Turt section and large bounce mat as door screen to porch.

The Original Sofaline
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An early design of a seat made from a trampoline, welded. Using springs, bounce mat and frame.
The Sofaline Zoom 1 & 2
A new design of seat, stronger, lighter, bolted and using springs, bounce mat, frame and some enclosure poles.

The Trampophone
Musical instrument repurposing trampoline frame and springs.
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